SolRex is a thug new tyrannosaurus rex on Solana Beach. There are only 1000 unique generative NFT. We were born in the crypto world with a mission to move into the real world. Our mission is to make Solana Rex the first crypto brand and bring it to the real world.
An NFT SolRex token will allow you to access exclusive benefits of the project.

Fair Launch

Each SolRex will go out for a fixed price of 1 SOL. It will be minted in verified and authorized markets in batches.

Owning a SolRex will give you a card to access exclusive objects.


All SolRex can be bought, sold and shipped. 1000 SolRex have been algorithmically generated with different thug attributes. SolRex will launch for the first time on DigitalEyes.


Our community revolves around the Solana blockchain. We believe that collectibles on the Solana blockchain have great potential thanks to their features and low costs.


All SolRex owners will be able to benefit from merchandising once the campaign has started. Exclusive access to our brand's t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps. They will own your design in the metaverse and outside of it, linking NFT technology with the real world.

Rarity Rank


01 - List 50 Solana Rex's on DigitalEyes

02 - List all Solana Rex's in batches on DigitalEyes and Solsea until reaching 1000 released

03 - Exclusive airdrop loterry for SolRex holders

04 - SolRex Merch - Exclusive clothing

05 - SolRex V2